Yspace is a space startup company that connects people and space
through lunar exploration and space development.

We aim to expand the lunar market through our lunar data platform business and space transportation business.


Lunar Surface Data Platform Project

Supporting the development of lunar society

Using satellite data, we visualize the lunar environment in VR space and provide a "3D map of the Moon's surface.By utilizing VR technology for space development, the working environment can be reproduced in detail through simulations, and can be used for various applications such as exploration,construction,transportation, and infrastructure.

In addition, by continuously reflecting data obtained from lunar exploration, the latest lunar surface data will be provided to facilitate lunar exploration and lunar base development.

Space transportation business

To pioneer the possibilities of space exploration, we will:

In the 2020s, the number of rocket launches and lunar exploration are rapidly increasing. In this context, we are focusing on logistics services from the earth to the moon's surface, and are working on the construction of logistics that also takes into account risk management of carriers. First, we are estimating the size of the logistics market and investigating the costs and risks involved in introducing logistics services to this market. These activities are an important step in building a seamless transportation ecosystem between space and Earth.

Support of space developments (mainly rocket propulsion system)

Yspace will support space development. Our appropriate management and detailed responses will lead to improve your reliability.




New press release at PRtimes.


Launch of Websitefor Collaboratively Developed Business Skill Training Board Game.


Dr. Shirasawa of Tokai University will talk on the radio about the business skill training board game developed through our joint research.


Press release posted at PRtimes.



Yspace Inc. and SG Moving Inc. signed a joint research agreement on logistics services for future space transportation.


Dr. Iwasaki will give presentations in the areas of solid propellants and space education at the 67th Space Sciences and Technology Conference, and chair the outreach session.


Yspace and Nihon university start  joint research on a solid propellants and their utilization systems that can be operated in the space enviroment.


We exhibited the Moon VR experience booth at Shibuya Scramble Square x Space Brothers Exhibition (@Shibuya Scramble Square SHIBUYA SKY).


About us

company name Yspace INC.
established June 2018
location Yspace INC.
Shibuyadogenzaka tokyu Bldg.2f-c
1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
150-0043 Japan
business areas ・Lunar surface data platform by using satellite data
・Transportation between the Moon and Earth
members CEO :Goichi KAWASAKI

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