Yspace inc. is a space startup company that connects people and space through the development of rockets launched from the moon and Mars as well as the development of VR content using space data.

Using small rockets, we promote the transportation business from planets and aim to actualize interplanetary transportation.

By our business collaboration with rocket and VR development, We will deliver unprecedented experiences to people all over the world through content that allows us to experience the universe and gain new values.



Space Entertainment business

Space experience for everyone

In today's world, where the development of the space industry has rising expectations, it is important for as many people as possible to sympathize with the significance of space development. Yspace uses cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, and 3D expression technology to develop businesses that make people around the world feel closer to space. We strive to create a future in which people's lives will be enriched beyond the conventional living sphere.

Space transportation business

To pioneer the possibilities of space exploration, we will:

Develop rocket to be launched from the Moon and Mars

From the late 2020s, manned exploration of the Moon and Mars is scheduled to start, taking future migrations into consideration. Such exploration will inevitably carry people and supplies from the Moon and Mars to outer space. Yspace is developing a rocket that can be easily launched from the Moon and Mars. We are also aiming to develop the first Yspace rocket in the late 2020s to be used from the early stages of manned exploration.

Manage a development of rockets and space probes.

Yspace will manage and support rocket development so the developments and space explorations can proceed steadily. Appropriate policy management and detailed responses will improve reliability of rocket launches and space exploration.



At the Oita Space Lab held on March 13, we invited Ms. Ami Maeda, a Minsoora communicator, and Mr. Koichi Fujihira of JAXA to a space talk show and space quiz competition.


The Moon VR experience event was held at the Spaceport PR event (@ Oita Airport and Oita Station Square) on March 12-13 hosted by Oita Prefecture!


Yspace has been selected by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) as a target company
for its intensive overseas expansion support program for startups.
As a result, Yspace will proceed with the development of a rocket to be launched from the surface of the moon in order to expand overseas.


Exhibiting at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2021@Dubai).10/25-10/29

Corporate Information

company name Yspace INC.
established June 2018
location Yspace INC.
150-0002 JAPAN
business areas ・Development and sales of small rockets launched from the moon
・Development and sales of VR content for space
・Consulting for space-related VR content production
members CEO :Goichi KAWASAKI

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